Group Therapy and Counseling

Group Therapy and Counseling

Women's Grounding and Self-care Process Group 

One thing that is universal for all women is that we are in a constant state of growth and transition, and this can be stressful! Our Women's Group is a safe place share and process your thoughts, feelings, and struggles in whatever phase of life you find yourself. Are you a woman adjusting to the joys and challenges of life? 

Our Women's Group, facilitated by Laura Slagle, LMFT (MFC82605) and Cheryl Hixson, MFT Registered Intern (IMF71400), runs in 8 to 12-week sessions. Let us know you are interested! 

Kimochis Camp

This fun, experiential group is for children ages 6-12. In this 6 to 8-week group, we explore feelings in depth, using the Kimochis characters and curriculum. 

Inside Out Experience

This experiential group offers an opportunity to explore your thoughts, values, core beliefs, and feelings from the inside out. Separate groups are available for children and teens. 

Group Therapy

Groups can be an amazing way to achieve emotional healing. The group process can address needs in a non-threatening, empathetic way. Individuals in groups say they benefit from the connection with group members, from relating to others' stories, and from interacting in the group environment. 

As an added benefit, group therapy can be quicker and more cost-effective. Group participation requires a preliminary screening interview to determine whether you would benefit from a particular group. You may also be referred by an outside therapist to one of our groups. 

Groups are facilitated by Laura or by Laura and a co-facilitator. The cost for Group Therapy ranges from $40-60/session and can be purchased in packages at a discounted rate.  

You must have a referral from your therapist. If you don't have a therapist, you may request a screening interview ($60) from Laura or Cheryl. Call today to reserve your spot: (559)530-2822.






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