Parent Coaching Fresno

Parent Coaching

Whether your family is a traditional nuclear family, a foster family, a single parent family, a multi-generational family,   or an adoptive family, I can help you find the closeness to endure through touch times. I especially enjoy working families with children.  I have experience working with traumatized families and parents of infants, toddlers, young children, and teens.  Are you exhausted from trying one new parenting technique after another, only to find that the problems have become even worse than before? That's because the solution is not in the type of discipline you use - it is in the relationship you build with your child.  Rather than trying one more new parenting program, I can help you let go of past hurts and build family relationships that feel safe, secure, and even fun! Parent coaching is a great way to learn to provide a therapeutic environment at home so your child can thrive. 


Individual/Couple Parent Coaching:  $150 per 70-minute session

Parent Coaching Group: $60/person or $75/couple per 100-minute session


Laura Slagle, LMFT 6276 N First Suite #103, Fresno, CA 93710