Our goal is to bring opportunities for healing to the children (and their families) of our community and to empower your staff to meet their needs as well. We hope to accomplish this goal by providing trauma-sensitive, relationship-focused training to your staff, education to the parents, and therapy to children and their families.  The interventions we teach were developed over the past 15 years of Laura Slagle’s experience as a teacher, administrator, parent, and therapist with some of the most difficult children in California; as well as Kelly Hawkins' vast experience as a school psychologist in Special Education classes for emotionally disturbed children. Our training is influenced by the work of Bruce Perry, Daniel Seigel, Daniel Goleman, Bruce Lipton, Bryan Post, and other specialists in the neuroscience field. Other topics are also available upon request. 


1.  Staff Training (at your location)- you provide space, projector, copies, etc.

              A.       Full Day  (6 hours) Training for staff on The Brain, Trauma, and Relationships:  $2,400

              B.       Half-Day (3 hours) Training on Implementing Strategies to Provide a Therapeutic Environment:  $1,200

              C.      Two-hour Brief Training Sessions provided in sequence on particular topics relating to the Therapeutic Classroom for Emotionally Disturbed Students: $800

              D.       Two-hour Consultation sessions where staff can bring cases to discuss:  $800

2.     Parent Education (at your location)/Coaching Group – you provide space, projector, copies, etc.

              A.       Great Behavior Breakdown 3-hour Intro Course/Workshop: $1,200

              B.       Great Behavior Breakdown 6 hour Extended Course/Workshop: $2,400

              C.        Great Behavior Breakdown 10-week (20 hour) parent course: $8,000

              D.       On-going Parent Coaching Group (after above courses):   $800/session

3.        Child/Family Therapy and Coaching

              A.       Initial Assessment at our location: $150

              B.       Individual/Family Therapy (50-70 min. session) at our location : $125-150

              C.        Group Therapy (90-120 min. session) at our location:  $60/person, $75/couple

              D.       Home Intervention: $250 for first hour/$150 per additional hour

              E.        Expanded Support in the home, school, or community (Coaching/Mentoring for Parent or Child): $75-150/hour

              F.        Additional Services Unspecified (Fees negotiated at the time of inception)

Training and Education is provided by Mental Health Clinician, Laura Slagle, MA, LMFT and/or School Psychologist, Kelly Hawkins, MA, LEP unless otherwise specified. Additional speakers/trainers may be available; including school administrators, teachers, support staff, mental health workers, parents, care providers, etc. Therapeutic Services are provided by Laura Slagle, MA, LMFT. Travel fees will be added for engagements outside of the Central Valley, CA.