Many people use the terms "counseling" and "therapy" interchangeably, but they really are quite different. Counseling is more of a short-term arrangement, where a person seeks "counsel" from a professional who provides guidance in solving a problem. Therapy, on the other hand, is a longer-term interactive process, where individuals seek the help of a professional to better understand themselves and increase their sense of personal well-being. 

Although the choice is yours, we will always offer you the opportunity to dig deeper and experience true healing through the therapeutic experience, but will never force you to go deeper than you are comfortable. For example, you may come in for counseling because you have a particular problem to solve or decision to make, and I will support you in that, but if you are willing to fully engage in the therapeutic process you will not only be equipped with tools for solving your current problem, but you will leave with an in-depth understanding of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and experiences that will help you to truly know yourself, be yourself, and make authentic choices for your future.